Friday, 26 October 2012

Saturday Sunshine☼

My beautiful cousin Kerrie and her husband on their
wedding day............
They have some exciting news
They will welcome their first child

Spring 2013
How wonderful
and Congratulations♥

Sarah with Sean
It's Halloween Dressup for Sarah

Our beautiful family member Sarah updated yesterday.............

Today was a beautiful day... It all began last night when Sean arrived a day early! I was beside myself, and the kisses never felt soooo good. Sean went to all my classes with me, as did his parents, who have been here all week and will sadly be leaving tomorrow morning. My nurses tell me how rare it is for the parents of a boyfriend/girlfriend to visit, giving me yet another thing to be grateful for.
I began with Occupational Therapy, and Sean and I played volleyball with a balloon. This was difficult for me, but great for my balance and coordination... I also had a huge smile on my face the entire time, loving doing that with Sean. Next was the bike -my fav. I love watching and feeling my muscles fire! Finally was Physical Therapy. My PT, Chuck, taught Sean how to maneuver my wheelchair around different obstacles.... Which all led to my ability to go off campus!!! We went on a date tonight - complete with Sean showing up at my door with flowers. Yes, he is THE BEST! I love him so much and am incredibly grateful and in awe of his love for me. We are now off to sleep. I'm in my bed and Sean dragged the mattress from the couch bed in my room to the floor next to my bed. Sweet dreams everyone!

Pictures of my beautiful loved ones below from Seoul

Our grandson with his loving parents.........
He goes everywhere with them and I am so glad they share
so many photographs.
How wonderful indeed.

A video I made with the photographs from my Son and his wife when they went to California

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