Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October is a Symphony

"October is a symphony of permanence and change." 
Bonaro W,Overstreet
Quote read on the beautiful blog Soul Aperture
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Our precious Grandson will be 5 months of age
at the end of this month.

Look at his bow tie.
He went to his first wedding on the weekend.
More precious each time I see his picture.
Logan we are connected Soul to Seoul.

Sarah on the weekend with her friends.

Sarah stay strong and carry on.
Love and prayers work miracles.

You are most beautiful inside and out.

Sean Foley
just hung up the phone with my sweetheart, she was in lots of pain, and crying about a burning sensation in her legs. I was told a burning sensation below your injury is a good sign, but the worst pain anyone could ever imagine. please send her some extra love today. thank you all very much
Sean just posted this on Facebook at 10:00 AM this morning

It is unfortunate the concert for Overdrive 145 will have to be cancelled

We are very sad to say this, but our show on Saturday is being canceled, after some very unfortunate events :(
Tickets are refundable, but we recommend you keep them until we are able to reschedule. The tickets will be usable for the future planned party. Please contact the person you bought the tickets from if you wish to receive a refund.


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