Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Face for Channel No 5

Sande posted this on her beautiful blog
A Gift Wrapped Life (link in the side bar)

Please visit if you can.

My Sweet friend Gillian recommended a book called
Crossing to Safety by Wallace Steger

and my beautiful friend Dani created another work of magic.

I love Angels and I love Music........
Thank you Dani for all of your beauty.

Thank you all.

Have a beautiful Wednesday

When you're feeling lonely, visit an elderly neighbor who is living alone. When you're scared, help someone else be brave. When you're stuck, encourage a friend to take a small step. When you're depressed, make someone smile. When you're defeated, cheer someone else on. When your heart is broken, help someone mend theirs. And when things are going well and are unfolding the way you want, be grateful and bring someone else along with you.
From a Begin with Yes posting on Facebook

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