Thursday, 4 October 2012

Home Safe and Sound.............

♥¸¸:•*´¯*✿ Good Morning Everyone ✿*´¯`*:¸¸♥

We are back home safe and sound. My husband gave a wonderful speech to the Senate in Ottawa. So proud of him. It is our beautiful Thanksgiving weekend here this weekend. So thankful for all of you and all of our blessings. Love to you all♥

A few updates on Sarah Murphy:

Latest message from her Mom Kristina

Our confident, strong, ambitious and fierce Sarah Murphy needs our prayers. She was transported today from Las Vegas to Denver, o to one of the best rehab centers around. She arrived with a fever of 104.4. Not only was this one of the harde
st, most painful days she's gone through, but now they are saying that she has spinal meningitis. This is serious everyone! She needs our prayers now more than ever.

Remember how Sarah would make you smile, laugh and feel good just in her presents? Well now we need to repay that favor to her. Make her feel our love, support and prayers always to Denver.

We got this Sarah!! You just get yourself better. I'll be seeing you as soon as I can. Hugs and kisses!!!!
 — with Kristina Paras and 7 others.

Message from Sean Foley for Sarah:

Latest message:

This is sean, sarah was just flown from las vegas to denver by air ambulance and she had a rough time with it which is pretty common. we are at the renown craig hospital for her rehabilitation, and so far the staff has been super. She has a 104.4 degree temperature, and can't stop shivering. she needs prayers, love, and positive thoughts sent her way immediately, I've never seen her in this much pain. thank you

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