Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ribbons in the sky for your love

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From the House of Edward Today
She has a secret to reveal

 Our neighbors sweet fairy in her garden.
Always leave room in your garden for fairies to dance.
 The side of our house with a beautiful sky this morning

A fresh cut and colour always makes you feel great

 A walk around our neighborhood and the house
where my dear loving friend lives.  I am truly blessed with her and her family♥

 The colours of autumn

 Our neighbors Mums
 Autumn accents abound
 Ribbons in the sky for your love and the sky this morning was amazing.
 I love pink clouds

 The sky this morning on my walk was amazing

For every difference that makes us unique, we have a common
bond that connects us.  We each share the need for home and community
for love and respect.  Together we are one family, living under one sky.

Update from Sarah and Sean Foley Sarah's love

Sean Foley (most recent post 11:31 AM today)
Sarah is chilling out, enjoying her breakfast, and being pampered by her nurses. they absolutely love her here and say she's the most highly driven patient they can remember--that's my we are going to decorate her room so she can see all of your pictures and posters you guys made...thank you all very much. xoxox WGT

Sarah Murphy (from last night)
My boyfriend Sean Foley and his parents Cathy Foley are simply amazing... I mentioned I would love an iPad because it would be so much easier to use in bed, and guess who just updated her status on her shiney new iPad... This lucky girl!!!!!!

Sean Foley (from last night)
date night in the saradential suite...WGT — with Sarah Murphy at Craig Hospital

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