Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Update a little family news

It all begins and ends with family.
Treasure those you love♥

Update from Erinn (Wendy's daughter)

Ahh Im so happy!!! I just got a JOB!!!!!! Full time MA at a Eye and Skin center! Start on MONDAY!!! And our neighbor is giving us his COUCH for FREE!!!! * Overjoyed *

Way to go Erinn we are all so proud of you and love you so much♥

Blast from the past
My Grandmother some years back.
She will be 98 this January.

She was a beauty then and is a beauty now.............

Update on Sarah

This was posted on Facebook by one of Sarah's friends:

REMINDER: Please everyone tell your families, friends, coworkers, and absolutely everyone you can to please help our beautiful friend Sarah Murphy. HOPEISBLONDE through Wellsfargo!!!!

Sarah was in an ATV accident having fun and enjoying life back on Saturday, 9/22/12. People who know Sarah, know she was always nothing but cautious & thankful for living a happy,

 active life. Sarah rolled her ATV three times having it pin her down to a tree stump on her petite body. She broke her back (T4-T6) among MANY other bones. She was lifeflighted to UMC hospital in Las Vegas & got rushed to an emergency surgery that lasted about 6+ hours. She spent almost a week in Trauma/ICU. She had NO feeling from her diaphragm down. Sarah has a love for life and energy we all should learn from. Even though all this she feels so loved. Trust me when I say there is no pity party for Sarah. No raincloud. No resentment. Only the motivation & positivity.

Sarah has been transported to CRAIG. It's a rehabilitation center in Englewood, CO. Miracles happen there. We all know that if anyone can create a miracle, it's our Little Miss Sunshine Sarah. Since she has been at CRAIG, she has been working tirelessly on acclimating herself to her new wheelchair. Her mom is working on doing construction on her house to prepare for Sarah’s homecoming, making the house wheelchair ready.

Please help donate to her cause! Sarah has never asked for anything in her life and she never complains. She has worked tremendously hard for everything she has accomplished. Her success is based on her beautiful spirit & positive attitude. Sarah has also been nothing but kind, empathetic, open hearted and non-judgmental to everyone in her life. A true selfless person. She deserves to see all that kindness she has always shown others, to come her way this time. It's time for us to PAY IT FORWARD. Let Sarah & her family focus on one thing. Getting her BETTER! Her friends and family and of course Sarah genuinely appreciate everyone's love and support. Please continue praying for progress. She is nothing but truly amazing... We all are beginning to realize that HOPE comes in all forms. Including BLONDE. "We got this."

This was originally written by one of Sarah’s Bestest of Best Friends, Maryjean O'Neill Goodspeed. Believe me when I say she is my one and only bestie but everyone that comes around Sarah’s friendship can’t help but make her their own Best Friend. She has touched so many lives. Pray for her and show her your love by donating to her at hopeisblonde through wellsfargo. The bills are already piling up and it’s not going to end any time soon.

I am in the midst of trying to plan a fundraising event for Sarah and I will be posting more information as it comes closer together. I would do absolutely anything to help Sarah and to show my love and support for her. Please do the same. Hopeisblonde!!
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What Sarah wrote:

You know you worked hard when you look down at the end of the day and 6 nails are broken...
I have never felt more out of my comfort zone than I did today in chair class. We went on an obstacle course consisting of going down stairs, wheelies, up and down curbs and opening doors without the use of any buttons. I'm so glad my massage therapist just showed up. Please Do Not Disturb...

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