Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy Birthday Brenda

Never Known a Girl Like you Before

♡*`*♡ Good morning gorgeous!♡*`*♡
It's your birthday and let the celebrations begin

Beautiful memories of our summer fun 2014
Some of my flickr favs for you
Today, tomorrow and always I am wishing you a charmed life

Shēngrì kuàilè
Happy Birthday in Chinese as Logan may be speaking Chinese or Mandarin Smiles Wink Wink he keeps us learning new beautiful things
We will dance until our pink boas fall off

Family faces are magic mirrors
Your beautiful new future daughter in law Melissa
what a beautiful lady to welcome into the  family
As I always told you when our sons treats their ladies
like a Princess then surely they were raised by Queens
Wink Wink

We are Queens my darling

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
Be A Queen!
Be a queen. Dare to be different.
Be a pioneer. Be a leader.
Be the kind of woman who in the face of adversity
will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly
toward the challenge.
Take it on! Be a truth seeker and rule your domain,
whatever it is--your home, your office, your family
with a loving heart.

Be a queen. Be tender.
Continue to give birth to new ideas
and rejoice in your womanhood. . .
My prayer is that we will stop wasting time
being mundane and mediocre. . .
We are daughters of God--here to teach
the world how to love. . .
It doesn't matter what you've been through,
where you come from, who your parents are
--nor your social or economic status.

None of that matters.
What matters is how you choose to love,
how you choose to express that love through your work,
through your family,
through what you have to give to the world. . .

Be a queen. Own your power and your glory!

For the Princess in us all

Bless shoe today tomorrow and always
One shoe can change a life


Row row row your boat gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream♫

Happy Birthday Brenda may Heaven smile and hear your every wish.

Much love and many blessings


A birthday is your own personal New Year


Aunt Mary holding Baby Brenda circa 1959
How blessed we are to be so closely united in hearts of our lovely family
whether near or far in Heaven or here on earth
we treasure and adore them all.

Beautiful Brenda

A precious memory from the past

It's not what we do in life
or where we go it is who we have beside us

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la...

We are stardust we are golden

Fun with PhotoFunia

Lots of fun and giggles whenever we are together

Brenda you always make us laugh and smile and giggle
Let the good times roll

Fabulous memories to last forever

Happy Birthday Glamma

Brenda's fabulous Christmas tree with family pictures
You have so many talents and your sense of humor
always makes us all so happy.
You light up the room when you walk in it with your gorgeous smiles
and funny stories for us all.

Happy Birthday may your year be enriched and enchanted

Celebrate one of your bootiful holidays you love so well

Always celebrating life with her precious Sophia and the family

A song for your birthday Brenda

I love John Legend and I love this song


Flowers in October

Brenda you introduced me to this movie and we both love this song
so much from the movie  enjoy♪

Love you 

boldog születésnapot
"happy birthday" in Hungarian

Here's a holiday I can get behind!
It's National Chocolate Day! 
....and did you know, chocolate helps control appetite? 
It contains fiber, which is a natural appetite suppressant. Plus, the complex blend of antioxidants and fats in chocolate prevent cravings for salty snacks, like chips and pizza. In fact, the weight-control benefits of chocolate are so strong that a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who ate chocolate 5 times a week had lower BMIs than people who ate it less frequently. 
Of course, this isn’t a license to dive into a box of Godiva every day. Nutritionist Katharine Tallmadge says you should limit your intake to an ounce at a time……And choose dark chocolate that has a cocoa content of at least 60 to 70%.
For some money talks but for many chocolate sings

“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.”
― Dave Barry

 Little Brenda with her parents

And let the celebrations begin

Too much of everything is absolutely wonderful

Family faces are magic mirrors

Me with Wendy Grandma and Brenda 
on my wedding day to Robbie August 4, 1973

Your little Princess brings so much joy to everyone

✿☼¨´`'ʚϊɞ. . ツ ♡ `❥•♪♫

May your day be full of magic

.¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •.•.☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •.☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •. ☆ `• .¸¸.✻''¯` •.

Glam Ma

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. 
Our precious Grandma always sharing our most treasured memories

Family faces are magic mirrors.

A toast with your Polish Prince as you call him
on your wedding day
I love this photograph

Family faces are magic mirrors

Cherished memories to hold on to forever.

When October goes by Barry Manilow

(¯`✻´¯) Happy Birthday Brenda♥

Growing up in the Fabulous Fifties

Mike's PlaceThe Fifties

Were you a kid in the Fifties or so ?

Everybody makes fun of our childhood!

Comedians joke. Grandkids snicker.

Twenty-something's shudder and say "Eeeew!"

But was our childhood really all that bad?

Judge for yourself:

In 1953 the Canadian population was much less than now.

Yet you knew more people then, and knew them better ...

And that was good.

The average annual salary was under $3,000 .

Yet our parents could put some of it away for a rainy day

and still live a decent life .

And that was good.

A loaf of bread cost about 15 cents ...

But it was safe for a five-year-old to skate

to the store and buy one ...

And that was good.

Prime-Time meant I Love Lucy, Ozzie and Harriet, Gunsmoke and Lassie .

So nobody ever heard of ratings or filters ...

And that was good.

We didn't have air-conditioning ...

So the windows stayed up and half a dozen mothers

ran outside when you fell off your bike.

And that was good.

Your teacher was either Miss Matthews or Mrs. Logan or Mr. Adkins ...

But not Ms Becky or Mr.Dan .

And that was good.

The only hazardous material you knew about .

Was a patch of grassburrs around the light pole at the corner .

And that was good.

You loved to climb into a fresh bed ...

Because sheets were dried on the clothesline ..

And that was good.

People generally lived in the same hometown with their relatives ...

So "child care" meant grandparents or aunts and uncles .

And that was good.

Parents were respected and their rules were law .

Children did not talk back .

and that was good.

TV was in black-and-white ...

But all outdoors was in glorious color ...

And that was certainly good.

Your Dad knew how to adjust everybody's carburetor .

And the Dad next door knew how to adjust all the TV knobs ..

And that was very good.

Your grandma grew snap beans in the back yard .

And chickens behind the garage .

And that was definitely good.

And just when you were about to do something really bad ...

Chances were you'd run into your Dad's high school coach ...

Or the nosy old lady from up the street .

Or your little sister's piano teacher ...

Or somebody from Church .

ALL of whom knew your parents' phone number .

And YOUR first name .

And even THAT was good! ~~~~~


Send this on to someone who can still remember Nancy Drew,

The Hardy Boys, Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Sky King,

Little Lulu comics, Brenda Starr, Howdy Doody and The Peanut Gallery,

The Lone Ranger, The Shadow Knows, Nellie Belle, Roy and Dale,

Trigger and Buttermilk as well as the sound of a reel mower on Saturday morning,

and summers filled with bike rides, playing in cowboy land,

playing hide and seek and kick-the-can and Simon Says,

baseball games, amateur shows at the local theater before the Saturday matinee,

bowling and visits to the pool...

and eating Kool-Aid powder with sugar,

and wax lips and bubblegum cigars ..

Didn't that feel good, just to go back and say,

Yeah, I remember that!

And was it really that long ago?
You may like this Brenda
Love you and Happy Birthday

and to honor your Cinderella themed birthday
One shoe can change a life.  Cinderella

My beloved Mom used to wear shoes and jewellery just like this.
Enchanted I am with anything that sparkles glistens and creates so much love in the world
as she always did.  She loved you and everyone in our family as we all love you so very much.
Never forget how special you are to us all.

Blessings my beautiful cousin Brenda.

Brenda I know you love this as I do

I think we should all get our pink boas out and dance dance dance until we cannot not dance any more.

On my babysitting ventures on California avenue remembering all our times shared,   Annies Dairy Bar hamburgs,milkshakes our adventures to the haunted house with the cute boys next door you and Wendy and Memories with your wonderful parents and you put on dance routines for us the minute you walked through the door I knew you were a man of distinction.  How fabulous is every memory

Love love love you and all your family.


  1. hello Jeanne,
    you always put so much thought and effort in each and every post! always a joy to stop by and see what you are up to.
    we are big john legend fans too - we saw him in concert a few years ago ... all the lights went out and when they were turned on, he was standing next to us in the isle :-) and then ran on stage!! he was fantastic.
    have a wonderful day xo

  2. Fabulous to hear about your John Legend experience.
    Love Jeanne
    Thanks Deb