Thursday, 5 February 2015

Day Brighteners

I love the dancing and this song by Bob Marley

Smile it increases your face value

Not my photograph
but I sure love it

Kim and Drew

Kim and Drew sharing their wedding dance
November in Costa Rica

Memories of last summer

Every picture tells a story

Logan you bring so much love and laughter and joy to us all

Hats off to you sweet Prince

Going forward in the direction of his dreams

When a father takes the child in his arms
He takes the Mother by the heart♥

My precious Grandmother on the back porch on Campbell Avenue

The highest form of wisdom is love

Me and my beloved Mother

Me and my precious Grandmother

One of my dear dear lifelong friends Ilona
holding Justin when he was a young boy


  1. This post, all your posts, so FULL of love. xxxoo

  2. Thanks so much .......Much love

  3. so thankful you're duly blessed Jeanne. precious life.

  4. Hi Jeanne,

    Such beautiful family photos. You are all blessed with so much love.