Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year's Prayer

New Year's Prayer by Kay Hoffman

Another year is dawning
With a chance to start anew
May I be kinder, wiser, Lord,
In all I say and do.

Not so caught up in selfish gain
That I would fail to see
The things in life that mean the most
Cost not a fancy fee.

The warm kind word that I can give,
The outstretched hand to help,
The prayers I pray for those in need
More precious these than wealth.

I know not what my lie ahead
Of laughter or of tears
I only need to know each day
That you are walking near.

From the January bulletin from the Nursing home
where my precious Grandmother resides.
She will be 98 this month January 9th.

Prayer is communication with the Divine. It can be whispered or chanted or written or 

expressed in the work you do. However it is expressed, it is never in vain. 

~Donna Wilk Cardillo

Lord, take my hands and use them,

take my lips and speak through them,

take my eyes and smile through them,

take my heart and mind and will,

and use them as lamps of love,

by which your light may shine in all

the darkness of this suffering world.

- Prayer Unknown author to me

┃. ┏┃┃┃┏┛⋱ ⋮ ⋰
┃. ━┛━┛┏┛⋯ ❤ ⋯ 
━┛. . .❤. ..━┛⋰ ⋮ ⋱

A Rich and Rewarding Life 
comes to those who Live
with Heartfelt Appreciation
and Gratitude for their Blessings.
Every Breath is a Gift to be Loved,
Honored and Cherished.
Bless the Breath of Life
and Bless You.
~Micheal Teal~


  1. It is my prayer for you, as well. Take care, friend. Happy weekend.

  2. Happy Weekend dear friend........Love and hugs and glorious wishes.
    Love Jeanne♥