Friday, 9 January 2015

My Precious Grandmother Turns 100 today

Happy 100th  Birthday Precious Grandmother.
What a remarkable and amazing woman you far.

We all love you with all of our hearts.

God bless you real good sweetheart.

I wish all the best for your 2015 (^^)☆ 100th birthday darling Grandma

(¯`´(¯`´.¸________ღ☆ღ_________ ¸.´´¯)´
☆ ▒░ ☆ Enjoy Today's Moments! ☆ ░▒ ☆
(_¸.(_¸.´´ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ღ☆ღ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ `´.¸_).

Special is used to describe someone One of  a Kind.
That is you our precious Grandmother

100 years Five for Fighting

Grandma I'll love you for a thousand years

My Grandmother calls me Lovely 
Written by me for my beloved Grandmother

My Grandmother calls me lovely
And in her eyes I can be
Everything good and kind in this world
And all that she taught to me.

Her love is so very kind and generous
Her home always an open door
In our hearts you will always be
So precious and adored.

I can never say how many times
My love for you is so profound
In you our precious Grandmother
The true love of God is found

I love you with all my heart
Happy Birthday with so much love.
Love Jeanne

A Grandmother is a special friend
She looks at the world through experienced eyes
and with wisdom she has gained through the years
She helps you to see
just how good life can be.
She's there through your smiles and your tears.
She offers completely
her help and support in everything you try to do
She is willing to share
to listen, to care.
She is never too busy for you.
She enriches the lives
of all those who know her.
The kindness she shows has no end.
Her warm, gentle touch
Means so very much
She is your Grandmother and your special friend.
~Amanda Bradley

Granmother you are loved♥

A Grandmother is a maker of memories
and a keeper of dreams

The highest form of wisdom is kindness

This is my precious Grandmother

John Cardinal Newman describes a person of gentleness as one who never
knowingly inflicts pain in another person.
He or she is one who avoids the clashing of opinion or suspicion or gloom
or resentment.
He or she is tender toward the bashful, gentle toward the distant,
merciful toward the absurd.
He or she never speaks of himself/herself except when compelled
Has no ears for slander
never insuates evil, and has too much good sense to be afronted by insults.
The best reformers start on themselves.
George Bernard Shaw

This all describes my precious Grandmother

In everything beautiful blessed sacred and true
There lies my every thought of you
We all love you with all our hearts♥

Photograph as my Grandmother as a young bride

Where there is Faith
There is Love.
Where there is Love
There is Peace.
Where there is Peace
There is God
Where there is God
There is no Need.
— Hungarian Home Blessing

Our beautiful beautiful one

A Hungarian Blessing

With faith, comes love. With love, peace. With peace, blessings. With blessings, God is present. With God present, there is no need."

Grandma's Pearls of Wisdom

I've traveled paths you've yet to walk
Learned lessons old and new
And now this wisdom of my life
I'm blessed to share with you.

Let kindness spread like sunshine
Embrace those who are sad
Respect their dignity, give them joy
And leave them feeling glad.

Forgive those who might hurt you
And though you have your pride
Listen closely to their viewpoint
Try to see the other side.

Walk softly when you are angry
Try not to take offense
Invoke your sense of humor
Laughter's power is immense.

Express what you are feeling
Your beliefs you should uphold
Don't shy away from what is right
Be courageous and be bold.

Keep hope right in your pocket
It will guide you day by day
Take it out when it is needed
When it's near you'll find a way.

Remember friends and family
Of which you are a precious part
Love deeply and love truly
Give freely from the heart.

The world is far from perfect
There's conflict and there's strife
But you still can make a difference
By how you live your life.

And so I'm very blessed to know
The wonders you will do
Because you are my granddaughter
And I believe in you.

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  1. What an amazing woman your grandmother is! With the poem you wrote, I'm sure she is just as proud of you as you are of her. I love how you cherish and commend her for all of the work she had put in for the family. I can only hope everyone's family is as wonderful as yours. Thanks for sharing that, Jeanne! All the best!

    Joel Pratt @ Comfort Keepers