Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sweet Blessings

As I stumble through this life,
help me to create more laughter than tears.
Never let me become so indifferent,
that I will fail to see the wonder in the eyes of a
Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer
make them forget, at least momentarily,
the unpleasantness in their lives.
and in my final moment, may I hear You whisper:
"When you made My people smile, you made Me

Much love and happy Saturday

Children must be able to believe that magic exists, exists in each of us, in our ideals, in the choices which guide us and teachings that help us to grow. Magic is life and love is the engine of life. Love, believe, dream and hope are the wings that enable us to fly. The children say "have the courage to open your wings and fly high, more and more on! Take hold of your dream and make it a great reality! "

Clelia Canè

"I have looked at you
in millions of ways and I
have loved you in each"


Various photographs taken in Vancouver my Son and his family
are having lots of fun and fabulous reunions

A Moment in Heaven beautiful video

“I'm not in search of sanctity, sacredness, purity; these things are found after this life, not in this life; but in this life I search to be completely human: to feel, to give, to take, to laugh, to get lost, to be found, to dance, to love and to lust, to be so human.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

Be joyful in hope,patient in affliction,faithful in prayer.

~Romans 12:12~

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