Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Last Day of Winter on the Calendar AMEN

I love spring it is a season of new beginnings and is the Queen of all seasons

I love this song it reminds me of spring

Give thanks for the rainbows, for the butterflies,
for all God's creatures - large and small,
for the bright blue sky and the soft fog and the gentle rain,
for the tree veiled in the season's first frost,
for the baby's laugh, for the touch of a hand
and the whispered "I love you."
~Jonathan Lockwood Huie~


Cherish the beauty of spring

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.
~Henry Drummond

♥W░░E░ D  N E  S░D░A░Y░♥♥░B░L░E░S░S░I░N░G░S░♥ 
Nothing can bring a real sense of security
into the home except true love.

~Billy Graham~ —

Spring a time for sun and fun☼

Tibetan Buddhist monk, the Venerable K. C. Ayang Rinpoche, blessing the deer in Kyoto’s Nara Park, July 26th, 1985. He only asked once for a photo to be taken, and said “Take a photo now”. No one saw the rainbow until the print was made. Rinpoche, on seeing this photograph, said he felt that his prayer blessing of the deer had been answered by the Buddha Amitabha at that very moment. Rinpoche also said that he prays that “Whoever keeps this photo with strong confidence and devotion will become inseparable from compassion”. — with Sud Napolitan.

Photograph and text  from Facebook

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. 
~ Grandma Moses

How gorgeous 
photograph as seen on facebook

I love the beauty of spring and the bright new beginnings

Water the foundation of life

Blessed is the servant who loves his brother as much when he is sick and useless as when he is well and an be of service to him. And blessed is he who loves his brother as well when he is afar off as when he is by his side, and who would say nothing behind his back he might not, in love, say before his face.” 
― Francis of Assisi

Once a wise man asked god, what is the meaning of life God replied. Life itself has no meaning; life is an opportunity to create meaning.

Let's not take things for granted...
let's take them with loads of gratitude. 

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