Sunday, 30 March 2014

Soulful Sunday

Healthy salad dressings

Love how this bird dances in his courting ritual

↗҉⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿ ҉↗⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉ ⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿i⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿

Always remember to fall asleep with a dream
and wake up with a purpose

A genuine smile is like a warm rain shower followed by a glorious rainbow. It cleanses, invigorates and enriches the lives of everyone it touches.
~ Sri Gawn tu Fahr ~

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✿✿. ..✻. ..✻. ☆ Thank you for the joy you bring to me ☆ .✻. ..✻. .. I love you all so very much Mom X0X0 and Halmeoni♥
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Thanks Corey for this link

It is the simple moments that bring Joy to Life...
"Morning is the best of all times in the garden. 
The sun is not yet hot. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. 
Night dew clings to the soil and makes plants glisten. 
Birds call to one another. Bees are already at work."
~William Longgood~♥

The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.
― Barbara Kingsolver

How sweet and special

Beautiful song sent to me by my fabulous and beautiful cousin Cheryl
I look to you by Whitney Houston
a gorgeous song from a gorgeous lady

Thank you Cheryl for always putting a song in my heart♥  ♫

Alone with God, in quiet peace,
From earthly cares I find release;
New strength I borrow for each day
As there with God, I stop to pray.
Alone with God, my sins confess'd
He speaks in mercy, I am blest.
I know the kiss of pardon free,
I talk to God, He talks to me.
Alone with God, my vision clears
I see my guilt, the wasted years
I plead for grace to walk His way
And live for Him, from day to day.
Alone with God no sin between
His lovely face so plainly seen;
My guilt all gone, my heart at rest
With Christ, my Lord, my soul is blest.
Lord keep my life alone for Thee;
From sin and self, Lord set me free.
And when no more this earth I trod
They'll say, "She walked alone with God."
The Morning Hour By Bruce Fogarty:

Every person you meet is either a teacher or a mirror.

Value each precious moment
Mornings bring us hope
afternoons bring faith
evenings bring love
and night brings us rest.

↗҉⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿ ҉↗⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉ ⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿i⁀☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉‿

Coffee Talk ♥С██ ►Every single person's life isn't determined by how hard they fall, and how much failure that they suffer, but instead it is determined by the amount of times that a person is willing to get up after falling, the amount of times that a person is able to turn a loss into a victory. Life is about how we react to the circumstances that present themselves to us, life is determined by the attitude and mental state that we keep when we are forced to endure. The more that we remain positive in our mind and in our thoughts, the more likely of a chance that the actions that we commit from dwelling on this positive thinking will eventually get us positive results and bring forward progress in our lives. The more often that we are willing to think positively, the more often we will obtain those results that are beyond ordinary, we will immerse ourselves in the extraordinary. ♥Stay Positive & Believe!♥
Make it a great day! ☼ 
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