Monday, 13 May 2013

Home Tweet Home

This is what I plan to be doing as much of this spring and summer
totally relaxing and napping as I can.
I am plum worn out and exhausted from the events of the last two months.

Body mind and spirit need a total break from the hectic pace of late.

Ahram with Logan and her Sister and her husband
She told us yesterday they are both missing Logan so much and 
Justin and Ahram and want them to move to Shanghai

Good Morning sweet loves robins have built a love nest right outside our computer room (2nd bedroom) Both the Mother and Father are feeding their babies in the nest. God's way of saying yes you still have nature in your home tweet home.
Relaxing and taking it easy.

We had a beautiful Mother's Day spent in our new place and with loved ones out and about.  I hope yours was the same.  Cooler weather indeed.

Love and hugs

Have a great day

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