Tuesday, 18 December 2012

12 suggestions for a Peaceful Life

passion, presence and peacefulness ~ perfect for this time of the year...

As read on the blog Bella Mumma

1. Remember that your thoughts and feelings are powerful. Everything in your life is a response to your feelings. How you feel about yourself is how you shape your reality. 

2. Stop trying to be somebody and start opening up. Stop looking for answers and drop your need to know everything. Give yourself permission to explore and uncover what is FUN for you and what you really LOVE. Stop mimicking other people and pretending to please them and open yourself up
to find what you love. 

3. Create something new. Most people are scared of trying and failing because we are told we are supposed to fit in to existing stories for power and control. Use your imagination to create something new that excites you. 

4. Be a model of truth and great possibilities. Make it your mission to be a model of positive, fun loving possibilities. The shortest way to get there is to express your deepest truths. Let others know that it is fine for them to speak their truth as well. 

5. Encounter your deeper story. Everyone has a deeper story, something they fantasize about doing if they could. What is your deeper story? What do you earn for? You know what it is; you just lack the courage to acknowledge it because you do not think you are good enough. 

6. Experience your longing. It is a huge leap to go from dreaming to realizing. Take a step to act out out your longing and experience the unfolding. If you let them your feelings will lead the way. 

 7. Recognise when and how you disappear from the present. Know what your insecurities are and pay attention to your triggers so you can bring yourself back to the present before hurting someone else. It is your job to maintain your positive space. 

8. Know what brings you back. What engenders a feeling of belonging and connection in your life? What stops the obsessive thought looping? Build reference points. That is how you will always find your way back home. 

9. Recognise that freedom is knowing what you love and letting it embrace you. You already know enough. Stop looking for guidance and start formatting your life around experiencing what you love. Seek the experience and it will find you. 

10. Remember your gift is how you handle your insecurities. When you do what you do what you love, you will act on instinct, without having to put too much thought into the knowledge you do not yet have. The thing you love to do - is not your only gift. Your other gift is how you handle your insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, when you do get caught up in your head. This is what shapes your life and sense of belonging. 

11. Take intentional actions. When you set intentions and act on them, you create a natural flow. Directing that flow is how you shape your reality. 

12. Consistently ask yourself what is my relationship? Everything is a relationship to everything else. What is oyur relationship to yourself? Your reality emanates from how you feel about yourself.

{Source: Tiny Buddha}

Update from Sarah:
I had my first appointment at Neuroworx today. I already love this place! My PT really knows her stuff and they have the best equipment. Can't wait to keep the healing going. Now all I need is a manicure, facial, massage, lash extensions, pedicure......


Merry Christmas

A new gold bird on the tree.
Thanks Aunt Pearl and Lee and for your love
and the visit

When my Son had his Son a dear friend bought me this Willow Tree
Father and Child piece and I light candles for Logan each night in the blue 
candle holders............and the Kimmi Doll is from Ahram from Seoul 
 Dried flowers and peacock feathers and other treasures on our bedroom commode

The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they're alive."
_ O. A. Battista


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