Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Shares

(¯`✻´¯)S░U░N░D░A░Y░░SHARES on the little road of life ✰

I love this You Tube Presentation

Listen to your heart
When your heart speaks take good notes


Giving of Ourselves is the perfect way to celebrate the day!
How about sharing a gift that anyone can give, afford, and anyone would love t
o receive?

C-"The gift of Consideration"...This could mean providing genuine understanding of their side of an issue.

H-"Giving of our Heart"...This could mean taking the time to really listen to someone. Feel what they are feeling. Understand who they are and why they are who they are. Try to understand by putting ourselves in their shoes.

R-"Giving others Respect "...This could mean giving someone your full attention, giving someone space to grow, respect others for simply being not for the possessions they may hold.

I-"The Gift of Inspiration"...This could mean by planting the seeds of courage and action in the heart of another.

S-"Giving of our Soul"...This could mean giving of ourselves at a spiritual level. It may be in the form of praying for somebody. It may involve meditating on helping someone else and uncovering solutions to their problems. Or, it may be by doing something such as sending off positive healing and energy vibes.

T-"Giving of our Time "...This could be taking time to provide a listening ear to someone in need, offer prayer, send cards to the sick and shut ins, organize an event, volunteer your time.

M-"Giving unconditional love all Mankind"...This could mean giving someone some of what is inside of our soul, sharing with them our time, talents and treasures that we have been given.

A-"The Gift of Attention"... This could mean when another person speaks listening attentively. If their words are directed to us, we should make eye contact so that the other knows we are truly listening.

S-"Giving of our Space"...This could mean doing something like letting someone go ahead of us in a line. This could be opening our doors and inviting our neighbors into our homes. Or, we could simply be generous in giving people the space to be whoever they want to be. Let's not judge others so quickly; let's increase our level of acceptance.

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