Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ruby Tuesday


Beautiful one of my favs.

May all the beautiful people in Korea be safe and happy and healthy with the Mers virus worrying us all

Please keep them in your prayers


This book was recommended to me

I cannot keep my hummingbird feeders filled enough with sugar water.

A delight before my very eyes to watch these precious birds come visit me on my balcony

How are your June days going
A perfect time of year.

I seen my first June bug yesterday.

Beautiful blessings everyone

Fathers day will soon be approaching
Logan is so lucky to have such a loving Father and Mother
they are both excellent parents

June is the month to celebrate Grads and Dads
and school is out for summer

•♥•“Life is like a rainbow”•♥•.
~ You need both the sun and the rain
to make its colours appear.~


  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Have heard of the virus and yes, lets hope your dear family will be safe and this will soon pass. Lovely post and thanks for all you share
    Hope you are enjoying the week