Thursday, 18 June 2015

June 18th

Hanging Temple (悬空寺) in Mount Hengshan, China’s Shanxi Province was built 1400 years ago. The only existing temple serves Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. [Photo: CFP]

Both photograph and text as seen on Discover China on Facebook

and here are some fabulous pictures
for those celebrating Father's Day this weekend

My Son is a Fabulous Father to his Son
and of this I am so very proud

My husband is a great Dad to his children
and to my Son

My Son who is a fabulous Father and also Paul's cousin
who is a great Father to his children

Son holding his new born Son'
and so his life truly began

Fathers build dreams out of paper airplanes Find stars even in the stormiest skies And write symphones from the sound of laughter ~Flavia!

A great family friend who is also a great Dad

Our Dear Uncle Ed in Heaven was a fabulous Father
as was Uncle John
And Uncle Lloyd

Uncle Steve holding his new great grand son Xander

Robbie was a wonderful Dad to Justin

My brother in law Pat is a great Father
to his children and a great Grand Father
to his grandangels

Paul is a wonderful Father to all our children
and a great Grand Father
to all our grandchildren
Happy Birthday Paul McCartney
Please watch this on bullying
A very touching story

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