Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Logan Love

She wrote a list of her love for him in one word=EVERYTHING  I love you with all my heart sweet Logan love

Logan love with his box of Love I sent him for his 
3rd birthday
Treasures troves ♥ to♥ 

Treasures I sent to Logan for his 3rd birthday 

Father and Son forever

Beautiful memories of childhood
His Canada hat on and Canada and Seoul emblems on his shirt
for International Family day at School

Getting groomed with love

Spa la la head massage and shampoo

End of the school year play at school

School Friends

Logan with all his Canada flags and goodies
for International Family day at school

Hello it is Logan calling

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
- Leonardo da Vinci
Safe travels my darling ones

Woman came about because, one sunny afternoon in Bermuda, it suddenly hit me. I saw what women do for us. Not just what my Yoko does for me, although I was thinking in those personal terms. Any truth is universal. If we'd made our album in the third person and called it Freda and Ada or Tommy and had dressed up in clown suits with lipstick and created characters other than us, maybe a Ziggy Stardust, would it be more acceptable? It's not our style of art; our life is our art... Anyway, in Bermuda, what suddenly dawned on me was everything I was taking for granted. Women really are the other half of the sky, as I whisper at the beginning of the song. And it just sort of hit me like a flood, and it came out like that. The song reminds me of a Beatles track, but I wasn't trying to make it sound like that. I did it as I did Girl many years ago. So this is the grown-up version of Girl.
-John Lennon, 1980
This dad and daughter are our heroes of the day!
Lee Beck and his daughter Amelie just celebrated their birthdays. Lee turned 32 - Amelie turned 7. So they decided to celebrate by performing 39 acts of kindness, for their combined ages.
A few of their acts of kindness:
• They left money on vending machines……
• Wrote a letter to a restaurant manager to compliment their server…… 
• Left a $20 Toys R Us gift card in the mailbox of someone who they thought could use it……
• Donated books to a Children's Hospital……
• Lee also became an organ donor.
Lee says: "Amelie regularly remarks about kindness, and is very loving. When I mentioned the idea to her she instantly starting talking about some of the people we could help."
You can check out their acts of kindness here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSGBJCkh6fU
As read on Facebook
Under John Tesh

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