Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I would so like to find one of these gorgeous Japanese wind chimes

Furin, a garden bell made of iron or glass, has been traditionally one of the typical things Japanese in summer. When swung in the breeze, it delivers a pleasant sound most of us Japanese love and enjoy very much. These days, furin are not always welcomed because of the dense urban housing conditions in Japan, but the distinctive sound still symbolizes summer, and during the hot humid season signifies a breeze.

At least once a day, stop long enough to allow yourself to be truly amazed by a tree, or a flower, or the sunlight dancing on land or sea. That is the sacred space, the place within us where we are witness to the ongoing miracles of life. And the more we are open to truly seeing them around us, the more we are able to truly feel them within us. Miracles are everywhere, all the time, waiting to be plucked by our awareness into the makings of a happy life..

thanks for this lovely quote Marianne Williamson

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