Thursday, 19 June 2014

Be Blessed

ƸӜƷ ✿• ~ My Favorite Recipe ~ •✿ ƸӜƷ
........*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿....
mix it well with LOVE,
Add a lot of Patience
Sprinkle very generously
with JOY and THANKS and CHEER ...
And you'll have lots of "ANGEL FOOD"
to feast on all the year.
~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

(¯`•´¯) ★.¸¸.•*
*• ¸.•*☆ * Blessed Thursday★..¸¸.•* ☆
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★.¸¸.•*•*`*•¸✲•.¸.•´ ✰ ★.¸¸.•*•*`*•¸✲•.¸.•´ ✰.

The good people of New Hampshire Fish and Game
have this to say about black bears

If you see a bear, keep your distance.

Make it aware of your presence by clapping, 
talking, singing or making other sounds.

If you get to close to a bear, it may slap the ground, 
huff, blow and chomp its teeth or rush you
(this is referred to as "bluff charge")
in an attempt to get you to move 
a more comfortable distance away.

If this occurs, maintain eye contact with the bear, 
speak in a soft, calm voice 
and slowly back away from the bear.

These actions will help appease the bear 
and show that you are not weak, but, 
at the same time, not a threat to the bear. 

Do not run, avert your eyes or turn your back to the bear. 
The bear may perceive weakness and enforce dominance. 
The bears bluff charge and chomping of teeth 
are a defense mechanism 
to establish the bears dominance in an encounter 
with humans or a more dominant animal in the wild. 

Bears can outrun, out-swim and out-climb you. 
If you are attacked by a black bear, 
you should fight rather than "play dead".

With thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game 
for this invaluable information. 
You can read more here.

This information as seen on the beautiful blog
Collage of Life
Thank you 

All photographs courtesy of my Son and his family
Banff Alberta
June 2014

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.. (_.•´/|\`•._).. .•.!•.¸.´¯`•.¸.´¯`Be Blessed

Our beautiful country Canada


  1. I have always wanted to go to Banff. Your pictures make me determined to do it someday.