Friday, 22 November 2013

Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young

The next book I shall request from the Library is Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young

who also wrote the Shack.  I will have a good long list of books to read this winter.
I loved the Shack and I am sure I will love this new book too.

Thankful each day

May God give you
For every storm a rainbow
For every tear a smile
For every care a promise
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem that life sends
A faithful friend to share
For every sigh a sweet song
And an answer to each prayer.

Uncle Murray I am glad you are coming along well
and out of intensive care.

Here's a cleansing prayer for the week: May your hands be cleansed so that they create beautiful things. May your feet be cleansed so that they take your where you are most needed. May your heart be cleansed so that you hear its guidance clearly. May your throat be cleansed so that you speak words of kindness & love. May your eyes be cleansed so that you see the wonder & magic all around you. May every cell of your being be restored to its pristine state. And so it is! If you would like for this cleansing prayer to support you, comment "And so it is!" below & notice the shifts that unfold for you over the coming days & weeks ahead. It's such a gift for me to continue supporting you in every way I can. With gratitude, Emmanuel

I like this song and concept thanks Justin for sharing this
and my cousin Cheryl also started me out with this song for my Friday song of the day♪

Thanks and love you both so much

Life is like a train ride


  1. Best wishes to your dear uncle!
    Love both your thankful & cleansing prayers ♥
    Have a wonderful weekend Jeanne.