Saturday, 30 April 2016


This photograph was from Facebook
unsure of the source

"That moment when you open your eyes,
and see the world around you 
as though it were the first time."
~Katy Martin~

‪#‎Top10‬ most attractive Chinese cities for expats
Shanghai has for the fourth time topped the list of the 10 most attractive Chinese cities for expats, according to a survey of foreigners in China.

My beloved family always sharing love joy and 
plenty of adventures

Beauty of China
Facebook photograph China Daily

Chinese bookstore
Facebook photograph

China bookstore

European castle-style campus wows in Southwest China
A campus is hailed as "coming from fairytale" for its impressive European-style architecture. The campus of Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation, which is located in Chengdu,

Photograph taken by my Son

Logan's newest creation his dinosaur

Spending time with your children is what they love best

Called Stairway to Heaven in China

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