Friday, 1 April 2016

April is the Angel of Months

Rabbit Rabbit
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Happy April Fool's day

April Fool's day originated in France, where it is still celebrated
with the poisson d'Avril a paper fish pinned to an unsuspecting person.

The durability of the diamond, April's birhstone, is refelcted in its name which is derived from the Ancient Greek word adamastos, or fortitude.

April the Angel of Months.

I bought a pot of pansies for our balcony my April 1st tradition always

April Showers

It is the season of new beginnings...
Spring removes her winter robe
And fades into rainbows of hope;
The sun shines its headlights into April-
And in the garden the effluent scent
Of multiple blooms delights the nose;
The naked trees are no longer bare
Clothed in egg shell, pink and green.
Now entertaining the sometime visit
Of the butterfly and bee;
Showers are but a necessity
Splashed to chase the thirst away
They are never maudlin weeping tears
But always fall on purpose
For they help to bring
Even more blossoms to May;

April Recipe

Mix tulips, crocuses, daffodils,
and puffs of brisk clean air
with violets in the greening grass
and new buds everywhere;

Take wayward kits, the songs of birds
white fluffy clouds or rain
Wrap in a month of pure delight
And serve April days again.

Catherine Grayman

"April promised lilacs

And tulip gifts of gold.

She promised gentle raindrops

And wildflowers colored bold.

April promised pathways
Strewn with emerald green.
She promised panoramic views
The likes I've never seen.

April promised rainbows
And blue skies overhead.
She promised perfumed breezes
And roses ruby red.

April promised springtime
In all her majesty;
And I wasn't disappointed,
for she gave these gifts to me."
~Promises of Spring by Nora M. Bozeman

Perhaps it is because April is so full of dazzling sunlight.
Perhaps the earth seems greener.  Perhaps it's because
rsurrection is this months signature (usally) Is this why our spirits
start to soar once April is here.  Now the season of darkness diminishes
as the season of light increases its strength.  IN the garden primroses,
pansies, violets, tulips and lilac burst forth with colour.  Each flower and plant
and bough bears profound witness to the power of aunthenticity.
May we continue to grow gracefully, creatively, and joyously and awakening our
own beauty.  Words slightly changed from the April posting
in the book
Simple Abundance a Daybook of Comfort and Joy
by Sarah Ban Breathnach

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides – David Viscott ♥ 
. ..✻´´¯` ღ LOVE ♥ LIGHT ♥ AND ♥ BLESSINGS ღ
`•.¸¸.✻´¯¸.☆.♥´¸.☆Believe The Best Is Yet To Come ✰ 

'Life is a journey of sacred choices, a heart centered endeavor of love in which the whispers of our spirits open our souls to greater possibilities and higher blessings. If you allow your soul to sing a lullaby of love to all humankind you will walk with the angels into a life of lush gardens and rainbow light. Life is what we make it, so let your goal be to create an existence where you soar freely into the heavens of happiness.' ~ Micheal Teal ....


In April, in April

My heart is set
Where the pansy and the violet
And the daffodil,
And close-folded lilies grow
In borders dark with melted snow.
Wakening there from wintry sleep
With every bud I sunward creep.
The empurpled crocuses, that dare
With delicate veins the dawn-cold air,
Cradle me in their chalices
Amid the golden sediment.
There I lie in warm content
And listen to the velvet bees,
Watching their dark blue shadows fall
Along the half-transparent wall.
When the sharp-pointed grasses prick
Upward, all passionate to be free,
I share their conflict, fierce and quick,
With the earthen will; I know their glee.
In the star-tinted pimpernel
I hear the silver tongue of rain;
And learn the perfume thrushes smell,
Which makes their song as keen as pain;
And see, where long-lashed daisies crowd,
New revelations in the cloud.
That is why, when old I grow
And near my end, I shall not know.
For every year my heart is set
With the pansy and the violet
And the daffodil:
Submerged within their beauty, I
Transcend my poor mortality.

~In April 
!Mary Webb 



  1. Happy April dear Jeanne and love all you share.
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. Love and hugs
    Happy April 1st Rabbit Rabbit