Friday, 12 September 2014

Happy Friday

Love you all and miss you all................

Each day seems to be getting better still on my meds and trying to rest and take it easy.

Thanks for all the love.

I am truly blessed

This is sums me up  darlings lipstick and earrings and I am feeling
all brand new.

Colours of China via pinterest

Beautiful Ahram in China

A starbucks in China
Thanks a latte Ahram
Love you 

Logan and Ahram in China

Bamboo which I love grows in many areas of Asia

Logans new bedroom in China

My beautiful niece Michelle at Starbucks in Shanghai

Beautiful phograph of Shangahi via pinterest

I love this photograph China blue
via Pinterest

Colours of China via pinterest

Chinese dumplings photographs courtesy of Ahram and Justin

Logan and I love our elephants

Vintage photograph of a Shanghai family via pinterest

Photographs in China courtesy of Ahram and Justin

Their new kitchen in China

Logan's child's pool at their condo

Logan loves exploring new places and finding new toys

Baby you can drive my car yes I'm going to be  a star
Baby you can drive my car cause baby I love you 

Music sings to all our hearts

Logan with his Aunt

Mmmmmmm ice cream

New toys

Arriving in the airport in China

School days

All this adventure tires Logan out

Clean clean subways

Time to explore

A walk around their condo
Have a beautiful day
Pennies in my pocket from the Miami Vice Soundtrack one I love so much

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