Sunday, 28 April 2013

Moving Sale was a huge success

Thanks everyone who came to say hello and to help us out yesterday and all the food that was brought to us and deliveries to Starbucks and most of all for your love ........Our sale was very successful.  A day of rest today for sure............Another very busy week ahead as we prepare to move on Saturday.  Have a soulful Sunday
Much love and many blessings to you all.  Special thanks to Laurie and Jay and Lily and Brady for all of your wonderful help and to my Sister and her family for all their help and love and support and help in the past weeks,  and always and to Lisa and Les and family and Judy and Tom and family so many to thank.  Special thanks to my dear friend Linda who has been a constant source of help and love and comfort to me all through the years and to all my lovely family and friends.........Thanks for all the friends who dropped by and neighbors and everyone.  We are truly blessed indeed with so many who love us dearly and want to help in so many ways.  Kindness is the special art of living with a loving heart.  Special thanks to my husband Paul for all of his hard hard work as always.  Thank you everyone for leaving cards, notes, flowers, and all the gifts. X0X0 and for everyone that loves me so well each and every day of the year..........God bless you all.
and thank you God for the day full of sunshine.

Optimism is the foundation of courage.
~Nicholas Murray Butler

Avenue France in Seoul

 Justin and Logan getting ready to step out and enjoy the spring

ⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔ ♡ ╰ ☆ ╮ ღ ☼


Happy times with Logan

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