Friday, 15 June 2012

Rabbit Rabbit Logan

Photograph courtesy of Logan's loving parents♥

A hand made quilt made my Ahram's lovely aunt
and a bunny from me.

Rabbit Rabbit Logan♥
May you have eternal good luck each day and every year of your
enriched and enchanted life.

I love you
Your Halmeoni♥
Kisses sweet Prince

"If" for New Grandparents

If you can't seem to keep yourself from grinning
and feel as if you are floating on thin air,
If you see this as only the beginning
of all the snuggly moments that you will share........

If you're a pro at giving hugs and kisses,
at tickling tummies, squeezing chubby cheeks,
And know just what a great occasion this is
for practicing your "how to spoil" techniques

If you can carry photos by the dozens,
not showing them to people far and near
But only family, friends and distant cousins
and people in the western hemisphere...........

If you can let things slide and never worry,
with chores undone and change in routine,
Remembering babies grow up in a hurry
and how much spending time with them will mean.......

If you can find making memories so appealing
and just cannot wait to hold that little hand,
Then you must have a very special feeling
for what makes having grandchildren so grand.


  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Such a darling photo of precious little Logan.
    Gorgeous with his little blue bunny and quilt.

    Happy weekend

  2. ♥Thanks sweet friend.
    Love you