Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy Birthday to my Dear Cousin Wendy

Treasured memories from July 2011
Wendy, Ahram and I
Our lives are a rich tapestry
of things we have done and said
with memories of those we love
outlined in golden thread.

Dear Wendy:

You Are Special
"SPECIAL" is a word that is used to
describe something one -of-a-kind.
Like a hug or a sunset
or a person who spreads love
with a smile or a kind gesture.
"SPECIAL" describes people who
act from the heart and keep in mind the hearts of others.
"SPECIAL" applies to something that is admired and precious, and which can never be replaced.
"SPECIAL" is the word that best describes YOU.
--Written by Terri Fernandez.
I love you with all my heart dear Wendy
Enjoy your special day in every way.
Love Jeanne♥

Soul Sister is a gift to the heart
A friend to the heart
A friend to the spirit
A golden thread
To the meaning of life
Isadore James
Celebrate you and surround yourself
with people that do.
May Heaven Smile and Hear your every wish.
As you always say to me we are jewels to each others eyes♥

Be Good To You
Be yourself, truthfully
Accept yourself, gratefully
Value yourself, joyfully
Forgive yourself, completely
Treat yourself, generously
Balance yourself, harmoniously
Bless yourself, abundantly
Trust yourself, wholeheartedly
Empower yourself, prayerfully
Give yourself, enthusiastically
Express yourself, radiantly
-Tracey Steffy

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