Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Condo Treasure Troves

All things near and dear to me in our little condo

Christmas wreath on our door with a special Angel

In love with pom poms
Always a jade plant and treasure troves from Asia

In love with pom poms even on my bed

new pom pom for my purse

Candles light the way each morning for Grandma and all our loved ones in Heaven

Owl you need is love

She lives on love street

Treasure troves

Condolence flowers 

Treasure troves from Asia

For Chinese New year my silk Asian purse
and special butterfly

She lives on love street
A gift from my lovely Sister

Gifts from the sea sea breeze candle
sea glass and sea shells all gifts from my lovely Sister including
the sea blue bowl for the shells

Our condo

Flowers are food for our souls

Thanks for visiting


  1. this my dear, is a post filled with a treasure trove of love.

  2. Thanks so very much indeed.
    Much love Jeanne