Friday, 7 August 2015

........•´´•.✿.•´¯ Good Morning! ¯`•.✿.•``•.......
“A new day: Be open enough to
see opportunities. Be wise enough 
to be grateful. Be courageous enough
to be happy.”
~ Steve Maraboli ~

A beautiful lovely early morning visit with my precious Grandmother I brushed her hair which is like silk and so soft and feathery and put Avon skin cream on her face and  I sang to her in Hungarian
and put some more pictures on her bulletin board.  
She was smiling and happy when I left.  I stopped at a farmers market stand and bought some lovely produce and it is one of those made in Heaven days weather wise.

Could life be more perfect.

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend.

Ciao Bella  

My Wish for you Sweet Happy Life

I love this song

You can flip the switch on a bad mood in under a minute by looking at nature. Whether you look out the window at a scenic view, or look at a potted plant. 
That’s according to the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Researchers say it triggers the release of positive brain chemicals that make you feel refreshed and recharged. And within a minute, you’ll be thinking more sharply and your mood will be lifted.

From the John Tesh website on facebook

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