Saturday, 18 July 2015

Happy Saturday

✿• (ˆ◡ˆ) •✿Warm Wishes and Sunshine Kisses✿• (ˆ◡ˆ)•✿
♫*。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。
**˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ✿¸.✿¸.✿
Take my hand friend, we shall walk~
Through the trees, along the shore line~
Small steps, big steps, all around steps~
Touch my heart with your stories~
When we pass through the quarries~
Pick a flower, throw a stone, catch a mist drop in your hair~
Tell me friend of all your dreams~
Catch a breeze ~ Cool wind blows~
Feel the sand in our toes~
My friend; did you see the butterfly flirting~
Did you hear the hummingbird buzzing ~
Lets hold on to this moment; this hour; this day~
Never let it go away~~Marilyn Rigby

Thanks Relyn for this link I love this song and love this version

Logan loving his summer in Australia
(winter there)

Be careful out there in the heat my darlings
A good article

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  1. Hi Jeanne,

    lovely post you have shared thank you. Such a sweet photo of Logan.
    Happy weekend