Saturday, 29 September 2012


Ahram sent me a message Justin's Lasek went well and now it's healing time for him............
I pray your eyes are perfect..............Son.  Love you all
Kisses to Logan♥

Update on Sarah

From her Mom Kristina:

  • We have a GREAT update today! On Wednesday Sarah will be moving to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado. One of the top Brain and Spine Rehab Hospitals in the nation. It's a very upbeat environment and they are tough! They said they currently have about 60 patients all young and around her age with similar injuries. We have no doubt she will be bringing inspiration and hope to all of them! — with Sean Foley and Sarah Murphy.

    Love and Prayers work miracles..........Enjoy your Saturday in every way.............

    Love and prayers for our beautiful family member Sarah and her family and friends.

    A Post on Facebook from Sarah's Friend  Domina Holbeck:

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