Wednesday, 19 September 2012

25 ideas for Halloween Windows

It's another glorious September day.
Enjoy it in every way.

This is from the Martha Stewart website.

Best witches everyone

An interesting tidbit from Mitch Albom regarding his book
The Time Keeper
His message as read on Facebook.

Just got a question from @Gina Challon about the significance of clock shop address in The Time Keeper—143 Orchard St. She noted the sum of 1-4-3 is 8, which is shaped like an hour glass and represents creativity and infinity. Wasn’t intentional, but what a great discovery! Like the significance of “5” in "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," it was just a decision I made for the story—4 seemed too few, 6 seemed too many.

But as I wrote in "The Time Keeper": “Mankind is connected in ways it does not understand— even in dreams.” I guess numbers, too.

What numbers are special to you? Birthdays? Lucky #s? Have you found other special connections while reading "The Time Keeper"?

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