Thursday, 31 May 2012

Welcome to the World My Grandson Logan

Thank you Lisa and Les and Family for the lovely balloon bouquet,
the rubber duck which Logan will use when he comes here
and splashes in the tub
and most of all for your love, and friendship
and constant source of joy.
Thanks for sharing so deeply and with so much love.
We love you all♥

Thank you everyone for all the love,
congratulations, gifts, phone calls,
flowers, balloons and gifts galore
but most of all for all of YOU.

The photographs I used in the montage
are mostly from Justin and Ahram
Ahram's sweet relative Sodam
Some scanned cards I had
and some images from Pinterest.
Thank you all for the use of them.

Thank you dear Sodam for these photographs
and Justin and Ahram for all of yours.

As seen on Pinterest.
This will be Logan when I get to meet him.
Grandma will kiss him all over.

As seen on Pinterest

This gorgeous creation made for me with love by 
my dear friend Dani♥ 
I love you Dani and all you create is Magic

My Son and his wife have just welcomed their Son into this world.

Logan Minjae

Born in Seoul at 4:20 PM Thursday May 31st.

Babies are bits of stardust handblown by God's own hands.

They are on cloud nine, as are we all.
One of my favorite paintings of Angels and Babies

Justin was also born on a Thursday

Thursdays child has far to go.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things -- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
~Eda J. Le Shan


  1. How lovely! Wonderful news! You must be beside yourself with happiness and cannot wait to get your hands on this little one.

  2. Grandma Congratulations!!! How wonderful to have a baby grandson!
    love and light Anna